Pre-algebra is a known term used for the course of middle school mathematics in United States. It is taught in seventh to ninth grades as an elementary subject. Pre-algebra is designed to cover basic mathematics such as Basic Operations, Ratios and Percentages, Basic Geometry, Basic Statistics and Probability, etc. Basic Algebra includes various topics of elementary mathematics like natural numbers arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimals, negative numbers, factorization of natural numbers, properties of operations, simple roots and powers, evaluation of expressions, basics of equations, rules for invariant manipulations of equations, basic geometry like area, volume, etc.

Pre-Algebra-Homework-Help-ExpertsPre-algebra introduces with basics of mathematics and enables a student to join mathematics in higher classes. Although, it is an essential part of course curriculum, but it has been prepared to develop necessary skills and interest in mathematics so that the children can choose mathematics as an optional subject. Although it has a vast range of very basic mathematics but it gives enough knowledge of basic calculations, prime factorization, LCM GCF, integers their operations, manipulation of powers roots, fractions decimals including their manipulation, basic operations, , ratios percentages explanations, examples, practice problems, basic geometry, shapes angles, lines, transversals, circles, similar figures, perimeter circumference, area of polygon, triangle, circle, square and irregular shapes, area formulas, 3d objects (prisms, cylinders, cones, spheres), volume of prisms, cylinders pyramids, cones, spheres, surface area, Pythagorean theorem, basic statistics probability, mean, median, mode range, stem leaf plot, histograms, box whisker plots, scatter plots correlation, evaluating data making conjectures, probability, complementary mutually exclusive events, predicting vs. observing probability, compound events, basic counting principle, arithmetic, geometric exponential patterns, evaluating algebraic expressions, combining like terms, distributive property, solving one-step equations, two-step equations and more complex equation with variables, multiplying dividing of monomials, binomials, polynomials, graphing x-y points, graphing horizontal and vertical lines, slope intercept form, solving multiple equations by graphics.

Pre-algebra has a connection with our daily life and enables a student to understand the basics of engineering and technological subject easily as well as it helps the students to develop his personal interest in science and mathematics to build a career in mathematics and concerned subjects.